Mottled and bottled

I wrote this on my pad this morning in preparation for my post and now I have no idea what it means.  Any thoughts?  I’m sure it was terribly clever and witty and it seemed a shame to waste it, so there it is.  Perhaps the meaning will come to me as I write…

A very pleasant day yesterday; church followed by Casualty (we played Bingo but only got one each – I got ‘bloods’ and Mark got ‘taken into resus’.)  Casualty is great fun; we love trying to guess what ailments the patients have: I knew the old guy had a hernia as soon as they produced his home-made truss.  Interestingly, ‘hernia’ was one of my first words: apparently I was sitting in front of the radio when they announced that President Truman (that dates me) had a hernia, and out of all the welter of words I picked up that one and played with it, saying it over and over.  I guess I liked the sound of it – I have always liked the sound of words.

Today Mary and John go down to London and tomorrow they are to fly out to Mexico to continue work on the boat and hopefully at least sail across the Gulf of Mexico, which is about 85 miles wide.

As for me, a fairly social week awaits, seeing a film tonight with Steve, a gig on Wednesday with Peter and Tomatoes on Saturday.  That may not sound like a wild social calendar but compared to recent months, it is quite busy.

I have begun a short story about divorce (don’t read anything into that!) and if I’m pleased with it I may send it to the Fish competition.  I have until the end of November.

Mark is going to do NaNoWriMo but instead of writing a novel is going to finish off all his lingering stories.  Sounds like a good idea.

Today I shall be mostly… writing the D.I.V.O.R.C.E story (that’s a reference to the awful Tammy Wynette song) and continuing with the novel.  The working title is ‘Idiot’ and any similarity with Dostoevsky is entirely intentional.

Kirk out