To Kill a Mocking-Bee


Have read a couple of books really fast this week – one was the ‘Pigeon (sic) English’ story I told you about, the other was ‘The Secret Life of Bees.’  Lent to me by someone from church, it reminded me of ‘To Kill a Mocking-bird’ in that it was set in the Deep South (of America) told from the viewpoint of a white 11-yr-old girl.  She runs away from home after killing her mother (accidentally) to find a family of black women who keep bees.  The racism is shocking and all the more so for being accurate – or so I imagine.  The background is black people registering to vote and being prevented by threats, intimidation and tricks by those with one brain-cell who probably shouldn’t qualify to vote in the first place.  And it wasn’t that long ago – within my lifetime.  Both books are recommended:


I was astonished this morning to come in on a news story about someone whose body was lying in state at a Leeds hotel for people to pay their respects.  That couldn’t possibly be Jimmy Saville! I thought.  But it was!  Bizarre in death as he ever was in life, Saville’s coffin will be available at a Leeds hotel for fans to file past.  A spokesman said that at this time they ‘couldn’t say how many’ people might actually want to come.  I was reminded irresistibly of Alan Partridge, whose fans would probably number two: his secretary and that Geordie bloke who always hangs around.  Jimmy Saville’s last resting-place will be Scarborough, where he wants to be buried – as he lived – at a 45% angle ‘so that he can see the sea’.

You couldn’t make this stuff up!

Short stories are coming on well: the two are ready to send off to ‘Fish’ plus one to Mslexia – all at the end of the month – plus I have four more coming up.  They include the one about the handbag knitted out of video tape, of which I am hoping to see a pic on Thursday.

Happy Tuesday

Kirk out



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