Mine’s a Double-think

A good evening at the Crumbling Cookie yesterday discussing PIPS and the possibility of new groups.  PIPS is Philosophy in the Pub, a movement of people who want to – well, discuss philosophy in the pub.  It does exactly what it says on the tin.  Or the bottle.  It started in Liverpool:


and has spread throughout the country.  I have blogged about it before: now Jan and I are hoping to set up another Leicester-based group, called ‘Drink and Think’.  We are intending to approach good real ale pubs to see if they are willing to host.

Very Badminton Indeed

Perhaps it’s not too late for me to take up badminton: I have played on occasion and it’s a lot easier than tennis, especially on the wrist.  I”m sure I could do better than the Chinese and Korean teams yesterday who threw the match so as to get a better draw further up.  This sucks.  I feel very sorry for the audience, who deserve to see a proper match and frankly I hope they throw the book at these people and at the very least disqualify them.  They deserve it.

I am more or less recovered from the lurgy now apart from feeling tired.  I actually did some work yesterday.  Today I shall be mostly… reading Val McDermid

Kirk out