Now is the winter of our discotheque/made Donna Summer by this son of Bjork

I have decided that my philosophy of the day is ‘live each day as though exciting things are about to happen’.  I may not keep this up for very long but I think it’s better than the alternative, ‘to live each day as though it were your last’.  I’m not sure that would work for me, as it didn’t for ‘Peanuts’, when Charlie Brown suggests this to Lucy and she goes beserk, screaming ‘I’m going to die!  I’m going to die!  Today is my last day on earth!’  Charlie Brown turns to ‘camera’ and observes phlegmatically, ‘Some philosophies aren’t for all people’.  I guess if you apply the same to my philosophy du jour, you’d get someone constantly on the edge of their seat, watching the door and waiting for the phone to ring.  Whereas for me it just means getting on and doing stuff – and having hope, rather than simply filling up the day until something happens.

Dribbling without spitting

Which it will!  Because Murray is in TWO Olympic finals today.  The poor bloke will be exhausted whether or not he beats Federer: I think if it’s best of 3 sets he’ll have a good chance but I read something somewhere which suggests it’s best of 5: a little odd as they’ve been playing 3 all the way along.  I watched some interesting events yesterday besides the tennis – the synchronised diving was awesome, as was the Men’s 100 metres sprint: and something I hadn’t seen before anywhere – women’s football.  I have no interest in football at all but it was great to see women doing all the things you usually see men doing – diving for the ball, crossing and scoring; dribbling – in fact everything except the near-universal gobbing that male footballers seem to find necessary.  ‘Not the Nine o’clock News’ did a great sketch about it called ‘Gob of the Month’ – can’t find this but here’s another song from the Fab Four about gobbing:

Great Expectorations

Thankfully gobbing is not tolerated in tennis.  I can’t imagine how the Wimbledon officials would blench if any of the players were to try it.  The men’s final is at 2 pm, by which time I shall be ensconced in front of Peter’s TV.

Come on Andy!

Had a great time yesterday watching the parade in the Caribbean Carnival:

Oh, and the title is because they are doing Richard III outdoors as part of the Castle Park festival.  Wish we could go but the tickets are £12, alas!

Kirk out