How MUCH is that Superstar?

Sadly I have to report that the 2-year-old involved in the car crash has died.  Both children seem to have been Polish, and the drivers have been bailed.  Nobody seems to know exactly what happened, but it’s desperately sad.

But the toe-curling adjective of the week comes from Andrew Lloyd-Webber.  Apparently his latest production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ has been the subject of a TV talent-show search for a leading man (I know, what planet am I on, right?  Well, one which doesn’t have TV, of course).  I got an email about it and out of interest decided to see how much the tickets were: after clicking on about six links saying ‘buy tickets’ I gave it up, but not before discovering this most heart-shuddering of adjectives when Andrew L W said that his  leading man had – wait for it – ‘Arenability’.

It took me half an hour to recover from that one this morning and I’m still feeling a bit shaky.  Anyway, I can have a good moan about one thing: why is it that when you look for publicity about events, it’s so hard to find out how much the tickets are?  You have to click on ‘buy tickets’ and go through a number of further options before getting even the vaguest idea of how much the bloody things might be.  Really annoying.  Someone should do something about it – there should be a site telling you how much tickets for things are.  Perhaps there already is – if you know of one, send me the link.

I’ve written a line in my notes for this blog (when we had the laptop I used to blog in bed: now I write notes in bed and put them on the computer after breakfast).  The note says: ‘training people to deal with a s b.’  And now I have no idea what it means.

Any suggestions?

Today I shall be mostly… seeing if any blackberries are ripe and picking them.  Oh, and Holly arrived safely in Kemer at around 5 am.

Kirk out