Wife in the Slow Lane

Took advantage yesterday of some free sessions at DMU’s new sports centre:


The pool there is quite pleasant and a good size: however the changing rooms are unisex which makes me slightly uncomfortable, and causes me to wonder whether they’ve thought of Asian women at all.  Perhaps they have women-only sessions, but I didn’t see any sign of it.  Had a good swim in the medium lane (there were no slow lanes, alas) – I am such a slow swimmer that most of the people who tried the lane I was in, moved to another in disgust.   My problem is a dislike of putting my face in the water: I have a tendency to panic when I can’t breathe.  Perhaps I shall overcome this in time, if I end up going regularly.  The free sessions are only on until tomorrow, so get going – there’s a climbing wall, badminton and other stuff as well.


Apparently Carol Ann Duffy has written a poem for the Olympics.  Good for her, because she has not been afraid to state some opinions of her own whereas previous Poets Laureate have often shied away from controversy.  She has had a swipe at bankers and a dig at school sports fields (or lack thereof)