Are you the spare Messiah? Take our simple test…

Apparently the DMU sports’ centre do have women-only sessions, so that is good.  As you were, then…  I enjoyed yesterday’s swim but it left me feeling tired so I had a very early night and then woke up for several hours in the middle of it.  Blast!  But! the question today is, are you the spare Messiah?  According to Mark, there are at any one time, 31 spare Messiahs scattered around the world just in case one is needed.  When one dies, another is born, and apparently they don’t even have to be Jewish!  (though whether they have to be male is unknown).  However, none of them knows whether they are the Messiah, so I propose a simple 5-minute quiz to find out.  Unfortunately I haven’t written it yet…

So in the meantime, here’s a quick Biblical poem about Lot’s wife who, as you know, looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt:

Lot in Life

Women never lorded

look back below the salt

your name is not recorded

– but everything’s Your Fault.

One more thought this morning, which concerns the fairly recent word, ‘teary’.  I’m not quite sure why I dislike this word so much – what’s wrong with ‘tearful’? – but dislike it I do.  Any comments?

Today I shall be mostly… going to Peter’s and doing yoga.  I can’t believe the Olympics are finishing already…

Kirk out

PS Perhaps at Hannukah we could do a Secret Messiah, like the Secret Santa some people do at Xmas