You don’t often get two blog posts out of me in a day but I have a couple of things to add.  First, about Julian Assange: I had commented that the sexual assault charges against him seem trumped-up: today it seems that someone, having slept with him one night, claimed that he ‘raped’ her the next morning.  Rape is no joke – all the more reason not to file ridiculous charges like these.

Second, not one of you pointed out that I had completely ballsed up this week’s joke.  It should have read:

Why did the chicken cross the moebius strip?

To get to the same side.

That’s it.  See you tomoz

Kirk out


My Kingdom for a Hearse

Apparently they may have found a possible location for the bones of Richard III.  Nobody knows what happened to his body but some sources indicate that he may have been buried in Greyfriars car park behind the cathedral in Leicester.  Of course the car park wasn’t there at the time – nor was the cathedral, come to that, as Leicester wasn’t a diocese until the last century.  Anyway, here’s the story:


Mark is rather sceptical about the newsworthiness of this story.  I think it may make a big difference to the museums in Leicester if they manage to dig up Richard III’s bones; he thinks there will be no interest in it at all, rather like the Barwell meteorite.  ‘For God’s sake, let go of the Barwell meteorite, Mark!’ I exclaimed in exasperation.


But!  Enough of all this, for it is Good News Week.  Not only have I been shortlisted for the poetry prize, as I told you; yesterday Holly got her results.  Out of five subjects taken she got 4 B’s and one D.  Sadly the D means that she has to repeat Maths, which she was hoping to avoid, but 4 B’s is great news.  I went into college with her to get the results but mainly so that I could beard in her den the person responsible for deciding whether or not Daniel has a place there.  I have been phoning them for weeks but no joy – finally after practically pinning the poor woman to the wall in the corridor, I got an answer.  And the answer was YES!!  Deep joy.  To be fair to Rhiannon it wasn’t her fault – they were waiting on government funding and the government body which deals with the funding is dragging its feet.  But they made a unilateral decision to accept him in the expectation that the funding will come through.  I was worried that they’d just send me home to wait for a letter but the wonderful woman took me to the office and waited while I was given a letter.  The staff are generally very good at Regent, I have to say, and I felt guilty about hassling her – but sometimes it’s the only way to get things done.

Anyway, result!  So now Daniel has to go in and enrol next week and he will be going to college with Holly in September.  It’s the end of our Home Ed journey.

And finally?  Check out ‘Fry’s English delight’?  It’s on the radio?  It’s all about intonation?

Kirk out