So farewell then…

Neil Armstrong.  The first man on the moon has succumbed to complications from heart surgery and died at the age of 82: it’s tempting to say something like ‘one small step for a man; one giant sleep…’ but better not.  As you were then…

RIP Neil.  He seems to have been a humble man, content to laugh at himself for being a geek rather than touring the world talking about how it felt to step on the moon until the whole thing had become so shrouded in myth that he couldn’t even remember it himself.  It reminds me of the scene in Futurama when Fry excitedly lands on the moon, begins to quote Neil’s words and discovers that the moon is now a giant amusement park and that there is ‘one giant queue for admission’.

Can’t find a clip as it’s copyright but it’s very funny.

Yesterday I attended a Cider, Music and Barbecue event at the Western pub: the event was remarkable for not including either cider or a barbecue (we drank beer and went to Sardaar’s for food) but did eventually include music, in the shape of a rather engaging trio of men called ‘Now then, now then!’  For a brief and horrid moment I thought they might be some sort of Jimmy Savile tribute band, but they launched into an early Beatles number, and that was what they very competently turned out for the best part of an hour; early Beatles with a couple of Kinks and Monkees thrown in.  It’s astonishing how many songs I know ALL the words to…

Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you

Tomorrow I’ll miss you

remember I’ll always be true

All together now…

A good evening and great beer.  The Western was originally built as a railway hotel for the Great Central railway which ran along the bottom.  The pub might well have gone the same way as many, but for Bede Island Park opening up on the site of the old Vic Berry’s scrap yard (one of the great initiatives of our area in recent years) which placed the pub on one of the busiest thoroughfares between the West End and the city centre.

Holly is reportedly coming home today: I’ll believe it when I see it.  I predict that we will get a text later saying ‘hm tomoz’ or something along those lines.  Now that’s real predictive texting!

And finally: Mark has made a list of terms from ‘The Meaning of Liff’ which he claims we use in everyday life:

They are as follows:

grimbister – a group of cars all travelling at the same speed because one of them is a police car

goosnarg – leftovers in the fridge which have acquired their own life

high offley – what goosnarg turns into if left long enough

ipplepen – a number of pens all stuck together for the purpose of writing lines

kettering – marks on a bum from sitting naked on a wicker chair

oshkosh – noise made when modestly disclaiming praise

scraptoft – a combover

wet wang – a moist penis

and –

zeerust – something which looked futuristic when it came out and now looks dated

So there you go – delight your friends and stun your enemies while  improving your vocabulary.

Kirk out

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