What’s the Dope?

A Big Day for Daniel today as he is going to enrol at college and be assessed for Graphics and IT – he is taking with him a pen-drive so he can show some of his graphics work and videos.  His bike is f***d so I have to take it into town today and try to get it fixed; also sussing out the price of a new (ie new second-hand) one for Holly to buy her instead of going out for a meal, to celebrate her exam results.  Daniel is understandably daunted by today and I am anxious for him, though there is no real need – it’s just that it’s a big step for him and going to college will be a big life-change.

Speaking of life changes, it seems impossible to get middle-of-the-road, unbiassed research and opinion on smoking dope.  I have smoked some in the past and I think smoking the odd joint is probably no more harmful than drinking the occasional bottle of wine.  Of course, there are varieties of dope just as there are of alcohol and some, like skunk, could perhaps be compared to drinking spirits while others like weed, are more comparable to a weaker beer.  I used to smoke a fair bit, especially when I lived in Leigh, Lancashire where everyone you met was on something and dope was the least of it: once I was in the pub and a couple of guys were on the Space Invaders machine.  The others were watching them warily; when they left it was observed that against their high score (ho ho) they had put their name: ‘The DS.’

‘What’s the DS?’ I asked.  I was so innocent back then…

Nowadays I don’t smoke the stuff, largely because of having children in the house, and in fact I am suffering from withdrawal – but from Proust!  Yes!  I woke up this morning thinking that I must have some more Proust.  I have nearly finished the Dickens biography (I was awake until 2 am and reached death – his not mine – so I’ve only got the funeral and obits to go) which means that Proust can happen soon.  I’ve also had an idea for a novel based on Facebook.

Oh, and Fifty Shades of Shite is now going back to the library so it can pollute someone else’s life.

Kirk out