Who was the Third Ronnie?

It’s a full moon again tonight, which means that there’s a blue moon this month.  I seem to remember saying the same thing quite recently, which would belie the phenomenon of a blue moon.  Hang on, I’ll take a look… oh, right – it was at the beginning of this month!  As you were then… the last time I noted one before that was December 2010 – so don’t say you never learn anything on this blog.

Mark has blogged about the end of Home Ed for us – a retrospective on our journey.  I expect I’ll do something similar soon but here are his thoughts:


This makes much more sense than Mark’s recent pronouncement that there were in fact not Two Ronnies but three.  So who was the third Ronnie?  Ronnie Biggs perhaps?  That would make a kind of ironic sense after Ronnie Barker’s work on ‘Porridge’.  Then again, perhaps it was good ol’ Ronnie Reagan, hamming it up with that slightly nervous, self-deprecating laugh which says ‘hey!  I’m not a mass-murdering Fascist really…’  Then again, perhaps they went on the equal ops route and it was Ronnie Ancona.

Any ideas?  Who was the third Ronnie?

Last night I watched the Paralympics opening ceremony.  Pretty impressive, I thought; though I have to say Channel 4 don’t do it as well as the Beeb; then I listened to ‘Fry’s English Delight’.  I never quite give the radio the attention it deserves, especially if it’s a thought-provoking programme, as I tend to break off and get into conversation: this, however, was appropriate as last night’s edition was about precisely that – the art and function of converation.


My parents weren’t terribly good at conversation – the dinner table was usually fairly quiet (unless we were having a row) and we were never allowed to talk while they were watching TV, which drove me mad.

Today I shall be mostly… going swimming with Daniel as it is the last chance before he starts college.

Home Ed is over!


Kirk out

4 thoughts on “Who was the Third Ronnie?

  1. I know that this comment is for a blog written ages ago but, in case you genuinely wanted to know who the third Ronnie is, and still don’t know, the answer is Barbara Dickson, who appeared in musicals a lot in the 1970s and 1980s.

    If you already knew that, sorry to have bothered you!

    1. Blimey, that’s a blast from the past! I’d forgotten about this post. No, I didn’t know that Barbara Dixon was the third Ronnie and I’m not sure I understand why?

    2. Aye, the guv’ner! Funny how after all these years, this page is still the first result on the this thing Google search.

      1. A lot of my posts come up top of google searches, I’m not sure why. Guess I just come up with original titles…

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