Can we have slightly less children please?

As of today, we have no children.  We are like a ‘normal’ family, seeing both offspring depart for college in the morning and come back at night – for today’s the day!  Just in case you have missed the number of blog references, facebook updates, texts and emails on the subject and you don’t yet know – it’s Daniel’s first day at college!  Impressively, he was up betimes and had already taken a bath by seven-thirty: it’s hard to get used to the idea that by 7.50 we will get a call from the paper shop if he hasn’t left the house.  Actually as it’s orientation this morning (or whatever they call it) he’s going in later and will get his timetable then for the rest of the term.  After which we will meet in town for me to buy him some new shoes as the ones I bought him in March are now falling apart.


A good evening last night at the Turkish cafe on Narborough Rd where a nice little folk club is developing.  I miss proper folk clubs – places where anyone can have a go and where there’s not so much emphasis on ‘performance’ and more on joining in; all sharing and creating the song together.

Sad news about Laura Robson being knocked out: on the plus side the Paralympics seems to be doing really well and inspiring a lot of people.  I think it’s a great thing in a recession to have the Olympics and Paralympics to inspire people and help them to overcome their limitations.  That might sound a bit Thatcherite – I don’t mean it that way, just that it’s good to be inspired by others overcoming great odds.  I haven’t watched much of the Paralympics, though I did manage to catch Dr Who at the weekend.  A great episode, I thought; especially the eggs:

And finally… is God in cyberspace?  That’s Mark’s question to us all today.  Answers below please…

Kirk out

PS  Oh!  I quite forgot to explain the title: it was someone during a particularly hectic parent-and-toddler session who, having reached the end of his tether but being a mild-mannered well-meaning Guardian reader from Clarendon Park, decided to make a joke of it and shout: ‘Can we have slightly less children please?’

And yes, I know he should have said ‘fewer’ – but he was really stressed…