I Think Therefore I Drink

– or possibly, Cogito Ergo Rum…  Yes, the new group Drink and Think is GO!  Come along to the Ale Wagon, Leicester, on the last Monday of every month, for great beer and friendly discussion on a variety of topics.  When we’ve chosen the first few topics I’ll let you know.  We will be starting on 29th October and I’ll keep you posted.

Had a great night last night at the Musician listening to a Mississippi guy with an amazing dark-brown chocolatey voice singing and playing the blues: he was perhaps not as technically brilliant as some (though perfectly competent) but I enjoyed it because he was so clearly rooted in the region and its music.  It’s like drinking a wine from a particular region: you can taste the soil and feel what it’s like to live there.


The beer was also excellent – Marston’s Pedigree followed by Burton Bridge Bitter.

I am reading Barbara Pym at the moment.  I quite like her in spite of having no sympathy with her characters and no interest in the society she describes: she reminds me a little of E F Benson (Mapp and Lucia) only without the humour.

I was struck by hearing Michelle Obama this morning eulogising her husband and telling people why they should vote for him.   It was more than a little cringeworthy and I’m quite glad we don’t go in for That Sort of Thing over here.   Although it might have been fun to see Dennis Thatcher, pint in hand, trying to convince us to vote for Her Indoors (‘Margaret’s been terribly busy lately… so you should, you know… vote for her and stuff.  Gosh, this beer’s rather good.  Think I’ll have another snifter as well…’)

Drink and Think?  Dennis would have been only half-qualified for that…

Daniel’s first day at Regent went well, though he found the IT very easy.  He is starting later today.  Yesterday I couldn’t settle to anything and spent half the day mooning about the house, aware that Daniel wasn’t there.  It’s a new era!  I did eventually manage to finish and send off an article for Compass 38, a left-leaning political group, about ‘elephants in the room’ of politics.  I suggested that the position of the white working class was one (thanks to Steve for setting me off on that one) and I called the article ‘The White Elephant.’

Does anyone know what a white elephant is nowadays?  And why were they called that?

Kirk out