I have a thawed shoulder

We apologise for the lack of Saturday, which was due to there not being a gap between Friday and Sunday.  The weekend militia are currently searching for Saturday and hope to locate it before next weekend.  Meanwhile we have had a number of requests that, should this happen again, it could occur on a Monday or Friday instead, though about 32 people said they couldn’t get the hang of Thursdays either…


Eucalyptus if you want to

Our neighbour has a beautiful dark eucalyptus tree, which inspired me to write a couple of poems in the garden yesterday.  It was so hot!  The poems were not about trees but one was inspired by September being hotter than July.  I saw said neighbour on the bus yesterday – we had a bit of a hairy time getting home as Hinckley Road is being dug up (along with most of the arterial routes in Leicester) which appeared to take the driver by surprise.  Having turned down Narborough Road in an erroneous move, he was forced to do a U-turn (could’ve been very nasty) and go up King Richard’s Rd instead.  Perhaps the road works were the reason the bus left late, meaning that for once I actually caught it – rather than leaving several minutes early as is their usual practice.

My right shoulder, which was horribly stiff the other day, has now thawed a little.  Yesterday I bottled some wine and we drank half a bottle which was left over (well, it wouldn’t keep – honest) and it was surprisingly good, though with a bit of an unpleasant finish.  I’ve decided I want to do a wine-tasting course so that I know what I’m talking about when I talk rubbish about wine.

I am working my way through a collection of American short stories, one of which is by Raymond Carver: the connection being that he wrote a story called ‘What we talk about when we talk about love’.  I like Carver although he’s a tad depressing – and I think the ‘post-Cold-War dystopian-type’ voice is somewhat over-represented in this Granta collection.  But perhaps that’s how the modern US short story is.


Not sure what I thought about Dr Who last night: Argus Filch and that woman from Casualty at the same time?  A bit confusing.  Plus, I thought the innuendoes were a bit ‘off’.

Kirk out

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