Cilla and Charybdis

Sometimes these thoughts come to me in the middle of the night – that one came at around 5.30 am – and I have to think of meanings for them.  I could just ignore them and hope they’ll go away, but they never do go away – not until I make something of them.  So – the Cilla and Charybdis: that was the musical choice at some point in my childhood: a choice between Cilla Black and something Infinitely Worse, such as – oh, I don’t know – Middle of the Road

or something.  Cilla had a voice that grated on the ear; her speaking voice was barely easier to listen to, particularly when she used it to sing (or speak) the praises of Margaret Thatcher.  Shudders!

Whatever you do, don’t play the link above.  It’s just there for information – don’t start listening to it.  You’ll regret it!  The one below, on the other hand, is to explain the Cilla thing if you don’t get it:

If it’s not one thing it’s another: Mark is going through a blue period at the moment, pursuing the obsession he has with creating blue food.  He has now come up with some blue soda bread.  It’s very weird and utterly unappetising.  Not to mention pointless.  But here’s a video about it:

Yes, like Dory, he’s a natural blue…

My Kingdom for a House

They have apparently found some bones under the car-park in Leicester which might be those of Richard III.  Great excitement here in Leicester today.  You can practically feel the atmosphere crackle.  Well, I expect you can if you go down to St Martin’s where they’re digging:

I guess if it is him it will probably give rise to a new museum and boost tourism.  As well as being historically and archaeologically significant, that is…

Today I shall be mostly… printing out a story to send off, and bringing some order to a collection of stories which are to go off next month.  I have decided that the novel – or at least the first part of it – will go in for a competition in November, so that will give me something to aim at.

And finally, anyone have a house they no longer need?  Preferably with a kitchen of reasonable size?  And a garden?

Kirk out