Fifty Shades of Teal

Mark suggested this morning that teal was in fact turquoise.  ‘No it isn’t,’ I said, ‘it’s a marketing term for grey.’  In fact it seems I am not entirely right, as shades of teal are more like a bruised thundery cloud and closer to bluish-purple than grey.  It’s not a colour I like particularly – I find it dull and understated, though I concede it might suit some people.  I remember in the 70’s when plum was in fashion: I had everything in plum – skirts, tights, tops – and I even dyed my shoes with that shoe-paint stuff you can get.  Incidentally, I once knew someone who had painted his shoes with house paint.  It was a bright yellow and it did not look good.

Daniel has gone to Derby today, whence he will depart for something called J21 (I may have got that slightly wrong – I’m pretty sure it isn’t Junction 21 of the M1) which is apparently something to do with anime.  I think it’s in Birmingham: he’s going with his friend Plaxy.  Today we are going to sunny Birstall to experience gravel pits and toad in the hole (veggie of course).

Kirk out