Squeeze the Day

That’s what we did yesterday – we squeezed the day.  The weather was perfect for our trip out to sunny Birstall, to Andy’s house which abuts the river and former gravel pits, now a nature reserve.  It’s a beautiful spot: lakes, trees, reeds and a variety of other plants; as well as birds including a stuck heron on a stagnant pond and a flying goose.  Also lots of dragonflies.  The blackberries were still coming up there, and what with the sun it might have been August.  Then back home for a hen – or in my case, some IPA – and a veggie toad whose batter was composed of the eggs of the hens in the house at the bottom of Andy’s garden.

Parky Diem

Looking forward to hearing ‘Richard III – the Carpark Years’ on the radio this morning.  Richard has a lot in common with Marvin the Paranoid Android, who was also left in a car park, though in his case for slightly longer.  578,000,000,000 years, according to Mark – and he knew that off the top of his head.  Didn’t even have to look it up.



Kirk out