What’s the Latin for ‘Peregrine Falcon’ again…?

I have a blogged dose this morning.  LOL.  I am feeling seriously coldy – a stuffed head, a runny nose and general bleaurgh, as I believe the technical term has it.  In spite of that I actually slept well – not sure why as I didn’t take any soporific cold remedies apart from chamomile tea which I often have in the evening.  So: for some reason Mark and I were talking about Subbuteo this morning and he expressed the opinion that subbuteo is the Latin for ‘peregrine falcon’.  I am somewhat dubious about this: why would anyone name a table football game after a bird of prey?  Also, subbuteo sounds to me like the first person present indicative of an -ere verb.  This is motion towards, isn’t it boy?

Oh, no – I’ve morphed into John Cleese as a Roman Centurion:


It’s about a minute in.

There was a brilliant Not the Nine o’Clock News parody of The Life of Brian in which the church had made a scurrilous film about the Life of Monty Python (‘even the initials are the same – JC!’):


All of which leads us nicely into today’s miracle cure.  If you have depression and are prone to negative thoughts, put a rubber band round your wrist for 21 days and every time you think a negative thought, move it to the other wrist and start again.  Hmmm – sounds a bit Sisyphean to me.  I think a much better way would be to knock a day off for every positive thought you have.

What do you think?

Kirk out

PS Mark was actually right about Subbuteo!  Dammit!  I hate living in a world where Mark is right.