We were Pedantic so we ate the Caterer

OK here’s a little test for you: how do you pronounce the following:-

et cetera


double entendre

Most people say something like, ‘et setra’, ‘orang-a-tang’ and ‘dooble ontondra’, but while Mark doesn’t do the French thing any better than the rest of us mortals, he insists that the first one should be pronounced ‘et caterer’ or, if you’re being absolutely precise, ‘et kite-era’ as it should be spelled ‘caetera’ apparently.  He gets very hot under the collar about ‘orang-a-tang’, which sounds more like some kind of fizzy drink from the 1970’s, and always pronounces it very carefully as ‘oran-utan’.

So now you know.

I don’t have many thoughts this morning I’m afraid as I’m still poorly.  I had to miss the course last night at church and will have to miss the first drama session tonight.  I have nearly finished the poem I’m writing for the leaving of the curate (I was asked to write one for the occasion and it’s coming along splendidly); apart from that there’s a short story which needs revising before it goes off next week, and that’s probably about all I shall manage.

Still getting the hang of Thursdays…

Kirk out