Tomatoes, Camels and Little Green Meteors

Oh, no!  It’s the equinox: the point at which we are poised, as at the top of a slide, for the descent into winter.  I hate winter, and it’s not made any easier by our house lacking any proper heating – I got the halogen heater out of the cupboard yesterday and the convector heater is warming the sitting room as we speak.  The Swedish are very good at winter: well, they get a lot of practice.  A friend of mine who once lived in Sweden brought back with her a collection of candles, including one which was like a ball of wool with an end sticking out.  As it burned you slowly unravelled the wool.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to live six months of the year without any sun.  Oh, wait – I forgot – we live in England, so I can.  I’ve just finished reading some short stories by Tove Jansson (the author of the Moomin books for children) –

– although she’s not Swedish but Finnish.  I liked them, not for the greatness of the writing – though they aren’t bad – but for the individuality of the voice and the totally different way of life they portray.  The stories are all about winter, so maybe now is a good time to get that book out of the library:

At Tomatoes this morning I am giving a talk on ‘the camel and the parrot sketch’.  If you want to hear it you’ll have to come along to the Martyrs at around 10.30.


It had to happen one day – a scandal involving a gate, leading to the inevitable title ‘Gategate’:

So – did he use the ‘p’ word, or did he not?  What’s interesting is that calling someone a ‘pleb’ appears to matter more – at least on the radio – than the four-letter swear-words he is accused of employing.  But says he didn’t.  So, who believes him?  Come on now, hands up!  Or perhaps we could have a – ahem! – pleb-iscite.


Yesterday I had a haircut.  I may post a photo if I get enough requests.

And finally, did anyone see the little green ‘meteors’ yesterday?  If so, please comment below:

Kirk out