Pinkle! Squirmy! Plip, plap, plap!

Were you in the Space Scouts?  I know I was… at least I think I was… maybe I just watched an episode of Red Dwarf and it got beamed into my DNA somehow.  Speaking of which, I have a poem about DNA – and specifically about Rosalind Franklin, who I always want to call the Dark Lady of the Sonnets.  She is sometimes referred to as the Dark Lady of DNA or something; being too much in the shadow of Watson and Crick who basically nicked her notes:

My poem is called ‘Gene Rummy’ and it works on ideas of twisting, in both cards and DNA.

I’m still waiting on the poetry prize – I emailed them a couple of weeks ago and got a rather (to my eyes) testy email back saying they were still deciding, so I shall not email again.  Waiting is hard though: the results are due in October so surely by now they’ve got further than the quarter-finals?  But no word..


Spent a significant part of yesterday preparing my application for the Writer in Residency: I’ve got most of the CV done, so now need to refine the ideas I have.  Plenty of ideas coming, which is good.

Still reading ‘On Beauty’; still can’t put it down.

Went to drama workshop last night for the first time in ages.  It was great – we had to construct characters from pieces of information; how they look, how they walk and talk and dress, and so on.  Saw people I hadn’t seen in a while.

Today I shall be mostly… continuing with All That.  As Robert Graves might have said.

And how true.

Kirk out