Spam, glorious spam

I must be getting more successful; I’m receiving more spam.  Seven spam comments today… and the award for top spam comment of the week goes to the following, from ‘’, who noted: ‘Very interesting post.  Made curious me.’  Mm… jolly good, then.  Usually spam comments nowadays seem to go for a rather bland appreciative statement, designed to make you think this might actually be a genuine reader: comments such as ‘you have compiled some awesome information here’, or ‘I have been looking for these informatics for a long time.  Very brilliant!’   You sense that these people’s first language may not be English…

Rather a rushed post this morning as I have to charge off and lead Explorers: we are doing ‘feeling left out’ today.  This is a subject close to my heart as when I was young I never knew what was going on, probably because I had drifted off and wasn’t listening – but also because I just didn’t Get It: I inhabited my own world as a child, and this world rarely overlapped with what others were pleased to call the real one.  In some ways I kinda wish I’d been home educated – except that it would have been my mother who educated me at home, and that would not have been good: one of the positive aspects of school was getting out of the house and seeing my friends.  I was remembering Susan this morning, my best friend at school.  I’m not sure why we were friends as she was generally very rude and critical and in the end I ditched her, but she did introduce me to Al Stewart.  I commented that I got him mixed up with Al Greene: ‘You’d better not do that at our youth club,’ she retorted.  ‘People get very annoyed if you mix up Al Stewart and Al Greene.’  I gulped.  These youth club people must be very scary, I surmised.  People in general were very scary to me at that age; I was painfully shy and found it extremely hard to talk to anyone.  In fact alcohol was for me quite liberating and I probably wouldn’t have made half the social contacts I did, without it.

Speaking of which, last night was very enjoyable; a trip to The Salmon beer festival with Peter and Andy.  The landlord was a great character and our trip to Bateman’s brewery in Lincolnshire was recalled.  The brewery was held together with bits of string…

As am I this morning.

Let’s hope I don’t unravel.

Kirk out