August, Turds, Thurnby Lodge and Dada

Warning – there is some grossness in this post!

Someone has been arrested for the bizarre crime of placing a pig’s head outside a Scout Hut in Thurnby Lodge.  Now you might think that smacks of a ‘lord of misrule’ type of activity: the kind of thing Kenton Archer might do in a wilder moment: however, when you know that the Scout Hut in question was no longer Scouty but had been taken over by a local Muslim group, the incident takes on an altogether different hue.  I don’t pretend to understand the mentality of someone who would do that but probably laughter is as good a reaction as any, since the pig’s head is designed to offend.  Lenny Henry once bravely did a great routine about racist crimes he had endured, including one of leaving a turd outside his door.  I can’t find a link but he speculated on how and when the offending turd was produced: did the bloke (it’s almost certainly a bloke) come ready-prepared with one in his hand or did he stand on the doorstep and push one out?

It was a lot funnier when he did it…

Moving on… I dropped in at New Walk Museum yesterday and was pleased to find it full of people including a number of families.  They have a great exhibition of Dadaist drawings from Nazi-era Germany as well as photos by August Sandler who seems to have done a lot of ‘mass observation’ type stuff.  In a separate room there was a collection of photos of old Leicester, dating as far back as the late 19th century, showing things like Humberstone Gate tram booth – now a taxi office; the clock tower over and over (and over), Town Hall Square looking just the same, Granby St with trams and without, London Rd Station looking very similar to now – and loads of old and forgotten cinemas.

Go see – the Dadaist and the Sandler exhibitions finish on the 6th.

Daniel made a video of his day yesterday – here it is:

OH!  And before I forget, I’m on Radio Leicester this afternoon at around 2.45.

Kirk out


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