An O, an Ass, a Gnat

This seemed like a great title for a post at 6 o’clock this morning but now I can’t think of a single thing to put with it.  So… I’ll just tell you about my morning.  It was great!  Epiphany at Epiphany (ie on 6th January when it’s supposed to be) and some thoughts on how for most people Christmas is over and done with whereas religiously speaking it’s Still Going On, what with the three kings on camels etc etc; a makeshift camel and some limbo-dancing by children with the hump – and then! my Martyrs end-of-year poem, which is reproduced in the e-book.  I’ll just give you a taste:

The Trapezoid Kestrel

It’s been a year of high and low

– a game of two halves, in a sense;

as Dears return and Castles go

the one, the other’s recompense;

there’s sadness at the loss of Sarah,

we’ll miss her coloured opulence

and likewise Martin’s morning prayer

but that’s another poem, so

to sum the year up in a pair

or two of verses that I’ve hoarded

forever and a day recorded –

or till the Chancel is re-ordered.

That’s the first verse.  I’ve done it, as you will have spotted, mostly in terza rima, which was the rhyme-scheme used by Dante in his Inferno and which gives an impression of time and events going on relentlessly.  The end of each verse has a number of rhyming lines leading up to a running joke about the chancel re-ordering, which seemed to take forever.  It was well-received and I gave out loads of bookmarks and cards afterwards publicising the e-book.  I don’t need to tell you the address:

I’m trying to think of a way to link in the title.  What’s that quote about straining at a gnat?  Well!  Whaddayaknow?  It’s about camels!  The thing fits in by itself: ‘You strain at a gnat but swallow a camel.’

So here we are.  ‘O what an ass am I.  I’ve swallowed a camel.’

And that’s the thought for today…

Kirk out

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