And another one… Jennifer Gaye Gardner talks to Lizardyoga

Another reader interview, this time Facebook friend Jennifer.
  Thanks for being interviewed, Jennifer.  OK what would you like to say about yourself?  What’s the most important thing about you?
   I am a painter love art and visual stuff
   Brilliant! What medium do you use and how would you describe your style?
    Eclectic and multi like abstract and figurative , portraits landscape and illustration /narrative
   Sounds interesting.  Do you have a website?
    Not yet my son is a designer of them so waiting for him to help me.
    OK, I know the feeling! Have you exhibited anywhere or do you paint mainly for your own pleasure.
    I have exhibited locally and I have open studio yearly as my studio has galleries attached.
    Sounds great. Do you have any images I could use? A link to your studio?
    Could do , but not good with technology shall I e-mail them to you?
     OK great, thanks. So apart from art how do you spend your time?
    Being ill !  I have ME and other problems, so I read, watch TV and am in a writing group run by the WEA, cannot use left hand so I don’t find typing easy.
    Gosh, I’m really impressed then that you manage to do so much. Have you had M E long?
    Since 1994 when diagnosed but for long time before that I got critical.  Then I got the diagnosis.  I did a degree (HND) and a Teaching Certificate during that time!
    I’m often really impressed by what people manage to do with ME and what people without ME can’t manage!
    Well I could not work so fitted in part-time courses and volunteer work when well enough.  I did a Counselling Certificate through work at the Women’s Centre ,etc.
    I think it’s very inspiring when people manage to overcome obstacles in life. Without wishing to sound corny, have you any wisdom you would like to pass on?
    Not really, only that we all have to follow individual paths and look for beauty in nature.
    Do you have a family?
    I have a Mum, two sons and a sister.  My sons are now aged 35 and 42 and my Mum is 82.  My sister is 58, four years younger than me.   We did have a middle sister but she died 22 years ago of breast cancer.  My sons both live nearby and my Mum is a bus-ride away.  None of us has a car although the youngest son has a girlfriend with a car.   My sister lives in Hastings; she took early retirement with her husband.  I was divorced a long time ago and have been on my own for the last 12 years.

My Dad died at the age of 97, divorced from Mum.
    Life can be hard on your own, I know.  You mention beauty in nature: do you get out into the countryside much?

    I live on a terrace set away from the road in a small Yorkshire Dales town.  There’s no traffic as it’s a quiet private road with views of trees and hills all round.  In good weather I am always out and about, drawing and painting landscapes.  Oh, and portraits.
    Sounds wonderful.  Do you do portrait commissions?
    Yes sure do.
    If you can send me one or two of those it would be great.  Thanks very much for taking the time.
    You’re welcome.

And here is a link to one of Jennifer’s portraits:
Kirk out

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