I’m Left-handed in Mugs!

I made a huge realisation today: I’m left-handed in mugs!  OK I can hold a mug in my right hand without spilling stuff, but for preference I used the left.  So whenever I’m writing I have to stop in order to drink.  How strange is that, that I never realised it before?

Handedness is weird.  I mean, why are most people right-handed?  Why is it not more evenly spread?  Yes, I know that historically, there was prejudice against left-handedness, giving rise to the modern meaning of the word ‘sinister’, but that doesn’t happen any more and still there’s a majority of right-handers out there.  Now, what I usually tell people about myself is that I’m left-handed in writing and right-handed in everything else.  For most practical tasks I use the right hand: I wash up with it (hey! wouldn’t you think they’d make rubber gloves with the right hand stronger than the left?) I use garden tools with it, I play guitar without having to re-string it and I even open doors with my North Paw (I assume that’s what it is, since left-handers are called ‘South-Paws’).  So, until today I thought there was only one thing I did left-handed: writing.  And now I find that I’m left-handed in drinking!  You’d think I’d have noticed that, having been a serious drinker in the past.  Sheesh!

OK so here’s your task for today: to notice if there are any things you do with a different hand from your usual one.  And then let me know!  Also – do you have any interesting features to your handedness?  Are you ambidextrous – or do you use a different hand for writing than for other tasks?

So: yesterday was fun – I was looking through my diary from 2008, the year I started this blog.  Hey!  Soon it will be lizardyoga’s 5-year anniversary!  I should do something to celebrate – but I don’t know what.  Any suggestions?  There’s probably some kind of app on wordpress that makes a scatter-graph of your data and then turns it into a coaster or something.  So maybe I should do that.

Kirk out