A Cup of Tea Solves Everything

Did you know that?  That a cup of tea solves everything?  That’s what it says on Mark’s packet of sugar, so it must be true: there’s a picture of a cup and saucer instead of the word cup – and then that’s what it says.  Although, if you’re including the pictures, what it actually says is, ‘A cup-and-saucer of teabag tea solves spoon everything sugar.’  They just didn’t think that one through, did they?  But hey!  Imagine if a cup of tea really did solve everything: that as you drink you discover lines around the cup which say ‘debts paid off here’ or ‘marital problems resolved here’… all governments would have to do to sort things out would be to sit down with a cup of tea.  Sorted!  It’d be like Barbara Castle and the women from Dagenham.  And the people of Tesco would just have to put the kettle on – although according to a recent headline:

Sales of Tesco Burgers Remain Stable


So, as I was drinking my morning cup of tea (from a proper pot of course, as regular readers will know) Mark was on Facebook.  I looked over and saw he’d made a typo – he’d put bluith instead of blithe.  I gave a tiny chuckle as he corrected it.

‘What does it mean, though?’ he asked.

‘What, blithe?’

‘No – bluith.’

I closed my eyes and opened them again.  He was still there.  I said nothing, knowing he’d have to explain in the end.

‘In Welsh,’ he said, in that it’s bleeding obvious tone of voice.

I kept on drinking my tea, but he was still looking at me.  ‘How the hell would I know?’ I said.  ‘I don’t know Welsh!’

‘Oh,’ he said, looking genuinely puzzled.  Mark is the sort of person who thinks that because you went on holiday to Wales once, about ten years ago, you know all there is to know about the Welsh language.  Anyway, I thought I’d sign off in Welsh today, so I asked him how you say goodbye.  He didn’t know.

‘What, you know bluith but you don’t know goodbye?’ I said.

Apparently it’s da bo ti.

So, what do you think?  Does tea solve everything?  Does it solve anything?  Do you even drink tea?  Or do you just have coffee?  Or are you one of these pure and holy people who never have caffeine?

Let me know…

But I don’t know the Welsh for Kirk out and I’m not going to ask.

Da bo ti.


3 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea Solves Everything

  1. I loathe tea, well the tea that comes from Camellia sinensis. I’ve tried Earl Grey, Lapsan suchong (don’t know how to spell it) green tea, lemon tea, jasmine tea and goodness what other types. As long as it has real tea in it I can’t stand it. I drink ground coffee and it has to be a decent one, I don’t really like instant. I like most herbal teas, although I’m not keen on fruit teas and they all seem to depend on some sort of flavouring anyway. I don’t like milk, never have done. My main beverage still remains water. It is the thing I drink most of.

  2. I think having a cup of tea gives you a space to stop and think about your problem, often they seem bigger than they really are when first confronted and what you need is a little perspective. Also if you are in an argument say, if you have a cup of tea your mouth is occupied drinking and less likely to say something stupid that you will regret later:-)
    couldn’t live without my tea, I try not to just other’s bad habits because I have this thing that comforts me so why shouldn’t other people have a glass of wine or whatever they need.

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