Another Cross You Have to Bare?

So, what’s the best way to show people you’re a Christian?  Hmm, let’s see… could it be showing you care?  Giving a listening ear?  Helping out when needed?  There was a guy on Facebook who gave up his house to a homeless woman so that she could be with her son – that seems like a good way, doesn’t it?  Or you could – oh, I don’t know, raise lots of money for good causes or give blood or buy Fair Trade stuff or just hang out with people and be a good friend.  Huh?  Some of these?

But no – apparently according to one person at least, the best way to show people your faith is to wear a big dangly cross at work and then take your employers to court for discrimination when they ask you to remove it on health and safety grounds.

Now, I would be the first to acknowledge that Health and Safety has Gone Too Far: I also admit that there are sometimes double standards in this area.  For example, it would be unthinkable to ask a Sikh to remove his turban whilst at work – and that’s a comparable thing, isn’t it?  On the other hand there have been cases where Muslim women have been asked to remove the burqa at work – and quite right too.  The burqa is an instrument of oppression: a person without a face is not a person.  But, hey! you can be a Christian without wearing a cross: it’s not an essential part of the practice.  In fact, most Christians don’t wear crosses.  More importantly, you can show people your faith in so many ways – much better ways – than just wearing the symbol.  Don’t you think?

Here’s a parable for today:

There was once a preacher who got up in church and preached the word of God.  He preached against sin – and in that sin he included homosexuality.  Now in that congregation it happened that there was a woman, and that woman was upset by what the preacher was saying and so she got up and went outside.  And on the porch steps she found a man crying because he was gay and the sermon had hurt him badly.  So she sat beside the man and comforted him and showed him he was not outcast.

Now, which of those two do you think showed the love of God to that man?

(Btw, that actually happened.  The church was Holy Trinity and the woman was me.)

One way to show you care is by buying Fair Trade.  And here’s a link to a petition you can sign to make sure Harry Potter chocolate is not being made by house-elves: 

And here’s the video Alex Day made about it:

I’ve signed it – so go on, now you sign the petition.  Go on!

Kirk out


One thought on “Another Cross You Have to Bare?

  1. Commenting using FB after having said that, rather annoyingly! Yes, totally agree and i wanted to add that Quakers refuse to use any kind of symbol on their bodies, e.g. a T-shirt with a slogan on it, because they think it prioritises one issue above other equally important ones. Consequently, wearing a cross is questionable to my mind. Also, as i said this morning, i’m not sure the Christian Institute has its priorities right either, because they seem to focus on a narrow range of issues, excluding even Sabbatarianism.

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