It Starts with a Rembrandt or Two

‘Tea,’ announced Mark at 6.30 this morning,  ‘is the answer to everything’.

‘But you don’t drink tea,’ I said.

‘That’s why I don’t have any answers,’ he said.

So now we know…

Tea, on the other hand, gave me the answer to the 5 am question, ‘why am I not asleep?’ – the reason being that Mark made me tea instead of roibos last night.  Much as I’d love to blame him, it wasn’t his fault – I’d found a stray teabag and lobbed it into the roibos pot by mistake, not realising that it was, in fact, camelia sinensis.  Roibos is a godsend to those of us who are trying to reduce caffeine: you can drink it with milk and make it in a pot, just like tea.  Herb and fruit teas just don’t cut it in this respect.  And thankfully it is now widely available: most supermarkets do it, even the smaller branches – although I have yet to see it in any corner-shop.  Whereas when I first discovered it you could only buy roibos in wholefood shops.

OK so what is this?

It starts with a Rembrandt or two

who say that they’ll be there for you

a fountain, some jiving

a bride who is skiving

cos everyone says she’s a shoe.

Any ideas?

As long-time readers of this blog may remember, I have a tendency to get obsessed with things.  A few years ago I was watching ‘Ever-Decreasing Circles’ over and over until I had to put the DVDs away in the wardrobe (the one that connects with an alternate universe, naturally) – and in time I had to do the same thing with Harry Potter (books and DVDs) as well as the series in the limerick.

I’m sure you know by now what it is.  It was a spectacularly successful series with six main characters, three main settings and, according to Mark, about six types of comedy – from farce to word-play and just about everything in between.  It mixes rom and com in a seamless way and morphs from the most touching scenes to the funniest in a second.

Know what it is yet?  If you do, we’re missing series 7 and 8 so if you’ve borrowed them could you bring them back please?

If you still don’t know what it is, comment!

Or even if you do…

Yesterday was a good day – I found a drama-writing application which was free AND it worked on our computer!  Yay!  So from now on and until March (the BBC deadline) every Wednesday is script-writing day.  And in the autumn they are actually thinking about accepting – wait for it – electronic submissions!

You heard it here first.

Kirk out

PS I just remembered the teasmade I used to have.  Very sad that I don’t have it any more – there’s nothing like being woken up by that hiss and splash of hot water into the pot.