Drank and Thank

Well, some good-ish news this morning – Everyday Fiction, who published one of my other stories, have asked for a rewrite following which they will hopefully publish.  The story is called Shop Lift and it got some really good comments but also some criticism about the ending which, if I’m honest, I also thought was weak.  So fair enough…

Last night’s Drink and Think at the Ale Wagon was a little low-key but managed to cover the topic of Superficiality vs Depth in some – er, depth.  Mark gave an excellent introduction which you can see here:


We tried to define the terms ‘depth’ and ‘superficiality’ and to ask whether we can think of these in different terms other than spacial (we only came up with temporal ones – ie ‘fleeting’ and ‘eternal’), whether ‘deep’ things always stand the test of time and whether superficiality can ever be a good thing.  Next month we are debating the question, ‘Are we an arrogant species?’

The Ale Wagon was unusually full last night due to a sports’ quiz happening in the front room – it was good to see a buzz going on.

So that’s it.  Apologies for a short post this morning but I’ve had a late start and I need to get on.

See you tomorrow

Kirk out


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