Who ARE you?

I was thinking today about all of you, dear readers, and wondering where you are and how you are – and more than that, WHO you are.  As for me, I’m getting better, thanks for asking, but still not 100% as my energy is quite low.  I’m supposed to be going out today but we’ll see.  So, who are you?  Some of you I know personally – in fact I was gratified this morning to find that one of my readers had bought a book on my recommendation:  ‘Testament of Youth’ by Vera Brittain, which I blogged about the other day.  Some of you who are followers I’ve looked up and read bits of your blogs, and I know that you come from places as diverse as the US, Canada, New Zealand and Israel.  But who ARE you?  I’d really like to know.  And then when I’m blogging I can imagine I’m having a party here in my living-room and you guys are all sitting round and keeping me company.  And when you’re settled with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer and a canape (actually I have only the vaguest idea of what a canape is, so you’d probably have pizza slices or bits of carrot dipped in hummus) then I would ask you this: what is it that you like?  I mean, yes I know some of you ‘like’ my posts, in the Facebook sense (there’s a whole essay there, on the difference between liking and ‘liking’) and that’s good but I still don’t know WHY.  What is it you like about them?  What do you like about this blog?  Do you like discursive and philosophical articles?  Do you like book and film reviews?  Or do you just enjoy the banter between Mark and me as we sip our morning drinks?  Or is it the poetry and bits of fiction that you enjoy?  Or the off-beat observations?  The politics?  The culture?

Tell me.  I’d really like to know.  And if there’s anything you find dull – well, you can tell me that as well.

Oh, and speaking of banter with Mark, there was the usual three-way conversation this morning (you know, me, him and Him Upstairs: Mark and I pray together every morning about things which are on our mind and we find it very helpful.  Well, as you can imagine, we have been praying for some time now that things would improve work-wise and financially, and Mark gave it a twist this morning.  ‘Dear God,’ he prayed, ‘please help us to make some money before the shit hits the fan.’

Just thought I’d share that….

Over to you

Kirk out


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