My Mushroom Valentine Part 4: The Wedding

In short, it was lovely.  Apart from Mark’s sandals disintegrating on the way, we both looked good and our hitching went without a – um, hitch, unless you count the Tubular Bells at the beginning going on rather drastically long.  We made our vows to each other, Anna read my favourite poem (see below) – and then, in the Quaker tradition, there was a silence during which anyone could speak.  My Dad used this to bless the marriage; Mark’s mother also spoke.  All in all it was a lovely ceremony: we went out into the garden for photos and then after a while to the Rainbow and Dove for the reception where some friends played music for us and we danced (probably the last time I got Mark on the dance floor).  Then in the evening we met friends at the late-lamented Magazine for a few beers.  Wedding presents included lots of domestic stuff, a quilted eiderdown specially made by Mary (which we still use every night) and a tree.  Yes, a tree!  Since we had no garden we gave it to the Friends’ Meeting House as a memorial to our wedding and we go to visit it from time to time.

Anyway, here’s a bit of the video (such as it is) with us talking about it:

And here’s the poem:

Tomorrow: the only slightly-mitigated disaster that was our honeymoon.

Kirk out


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