Just Nipping Over to the Dark Side…

… and I may be gone some time… but before I go, here’s some good news: I’ve had an acceptance!  I don’t know whether I will actually be paid for it, but it’s good news nonetheless: I sent the magazine a story and a poem, so I don’t yet know which they’re publishing – or if it’s both – but here’s the link to it:


So that’s the lighter side of today’s news.  Mark, however, seems permanently to inhabit the dark side: I happened to mention Holly’s swollen face this morning (she has an abcess).  ‘Can’t you give her something?’ I asked him.

‘Maybe,’ he said.  ‘How swollen is it?’

‘Haven’t you noticed?’ I asked.

‘Not really.  Is it on her right side?’

‘Yes, why?’

‘That explains it.  I didn’t see the right side of her face yesterday.’

‘You are so weird!’ I exclaimed.  I mean, how the hell can anyone know whether or not they saw the right side of someone’s face?  I suppose you could tell if you had a brief meeting in a pub, say, and one side of their face was in shadow – but if you’re around someone at home for most of the day, how the hell can you say that?

So my conclusion is that Mark lives permanently on the Dark Side…

Apologies for the short post today but I’ve been rewriting a story to send off; one which will hopefully now be published.  I’ll let you know on that one.

Kirk out


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