I’ve Just Mythed the Bus…

Waiting for the bus yesterday I counted the ideas – or bus myths – going through my mind.  Now as anyone who catches the 104 (or indeed any bus anywhere) will know, the timetable bears scant relation to reality as it is experienced by the aspiring passenger.  That is a given: what is interesting, however, is to categorise the myths that go through said passenger-in-waiting’s mind whilst scanning the horizon for that familiar blue shape.   Here are some that I observed:

1.  It’s time for the bus to come: therefore the bus will come

2.  The bus is now late: therefore the bus will come

3.  Another bus has gone in the opposite direction: therefore the bus will come

4.  Lots of people have gathered at the stop: therefore the bus will come

5.  I’m getting really fed up now: therefore the bus will come

6.  I’m going to start walking: therefore the bus will come

7.  I’ve actually started walking: therefore the bus will come

Only the last one is actually true, you know this from experience; which results in an internal dialogue about whether or not to start walking, intensified by the knowledge that if I’d started walking several minutes before I’d have reached the bus stop round the corner which enables me to catch several different buses.  In the end the bus wasn’t too late, though it did sail inexplicably past several stops where people were waiting.  On the other hand, coming back from Peter’s I caught the X3 almost immediately which took me at a slightly early hour to World Food Night.

World Food Night was a great evening at Bishop St Methodist Church.  Here, just for good measure, is a picture of Hayri at Yesim’s who also supported Refugee Action on Friday.


About 50 people showed up at Bishop St; my poetry was well-received, the food was great and I’m told they raised at least £200 for Refugee Action.


Unfortunately the music couldn’t be heard properly as a result of both poor PA and awkward acoustics – but still, we had a good chat with some people and there arose some possible opportunities for future performances and sales of my e-b0ok:


My talk at Tomatoes was also well-received.  Actually it wasn’t so much a talk as a descent into silence: rather than talking about the theme of excess noise I thought it would be good to experience silence, so I got people to count down from 10 (a shout) to 1 (a whisper) and then mouth the word ‘zero’ silently, after which we experienced listening to the sound of our own breath.  Everyone was quiet and it was great.

Terry Nation is not Dead

Apparently the designer of the Daleks is dead.  I always thought that was Terry Nation, but it seems he just came up with the idea, though he is invariably credited with inventing them.  Is this another example of intellectual activity having a higher status than practical action?

I think we should be told.

And speaking of intellectual activity, it’s ‘Drink and Think’ tomorrow night.  8 pm at the Ale Wagon, and the subject is, ‘Are We an Arrogant Species?’  I’d better start thinking about that – although since I’m facilitating I probably won’t be opining much.


See you there!

Kirk out


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