Well! That was the Weekend that Was

Finally I’m able to string two words together after a crowded weekend.  On Saturday we were busy all day after Burnham Wood removed to Dunsinane – or to be slightly more accurate, to Enderby for a day of fun, frolic and lasagne.  To be prosaic for a moment, this was a church awayday of discussion and Things.  Especially Things.  Some interesting stuff came out of the day, so watch this space for potential developments…

All right, that’s enough watching the space.  So, after that we repaired in possession of chips and dips, to a party at the Y Theatre (and Y not?) for Nerissa’s 60th birthday.  There were loads of people I hadn’t seen for ages and that was fun.  Then on Sunday the usual – church followed by Peter’s for yoga and thence to Yesim’s for a great evening of song and bardishness.

Yesterday I had writing stuff to do and a Sainsbury’s order to collate, so I have only just caught up with myself.

And that was the weekend.  More thoughts tomorrow.

Kirk out

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