Won’t Get Schooled Again

Apparently one of Holly’s friends has returned to Home Ed after a period in school.  Not sure what’s going on there, but it made for a nice pun in today’s post around what used to be my favourite song of All Time.  From the very first second with the organ starting low, then wandering along in a series of questioning intervals like one taking a line for a walk, and then, like a ton of bricks falling off a roof, the building to the guitar-chords (The Who were from Hounslow, you know – my home town) when the song gets under way, right to Pete Townshend’s scream that marks the ‘When-Harry-met-Sally-style climax, continuing to the wandering organ at the end, I love every second of it, and until Leonard Cohen walked into my life it was my all-time no. 1.   And then I heard Suzanne…

But that’s another story.  Here, to serenade you through the rest of the post, are the sublime Who:


The lyrics are great, too: ‘meet the new boss/same as the old boss…’

Last night I was taken by daughter for a drink at our local, The Western.  I have blogged before about this great local pub: once a railway hotel practically on the platform of the Great Central Railway, it is now a popular local which still has separate bars and hence caters for a variety of people rather than one undifferentiated melee.  The beer is always great – last night I tried Black Widow, a dark beer accurately described as having hints of burnt coffee and chicory.


The image shows a bottle, though they also had it on draught.  Daughter had a fruit cider, and that was my Mother’s Day present.


The Western is also reasonably priced – for nowadays – several beers under 3 quid a pint.  Bloody hell!  I remember when fifty pee a pint was a lot…

And that was yesterday.

Kirk out


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