Hoddadda-daddadda! Eddie Izzard for Pope!

Well, I was thinking this morning in my Proustian way, half-asleep as you do, about carpet sweepers.  Is there anything in the whole of creation more useless than a carpet-sweeper?  Eddie Izzard has a brilliant routine about them which expresses everything I feel:


That man is a genius: he can talk about anything and make it funny.  And speaking of funny, apparently it’s been a record-breaking year for Comic Relief, which is excellent.  I’m thinking next year I might try to organise a comic poet-a-thon.

They should have chosen Eddie Izzard for Pope.  I mean, as a cross-dresser he’s already half-way there; plus he’d get everyone in the world laughing: what more could you ask?  I don’t quite know what to think about the trannie they’ve actually chosen: on the one hand he seems very conservative and has been accused of failing to help Jesuit priests imprisoned for helping the poor: on the other hand he does seem extremely personable.  Watching the Vatican channel live yesterday, I was reminded of no-one so much as Gorbachev.  The architect of Glasnost succeeded a long line of dour, grey conservatives with not a human characteristic among them: Francisco I succeeds a similarly long line of grey, unsmiling traditionalists; so I can’t help wondering whether he will turn out to be the Gorbachev of the church.  God knows, they could use a little glasnost.


A busy day yesterday – well, busy-ish; domestic stuff in the morning followed by going to Peter’s and thence to Jan and Yvan’s in the evening for a party.  We were a bit pathetic, having forgotten both the reason for the party (Jan’s 60th) and the dress code (1960’s clobber) and compounded these sins by leaving early as we were both knackered.  Still, it was good to see them both as it’s been a while.

I shall leave you with a brilliant quotation on life which I discovered this morning (by which I mean that I discovered the quotation, not that I discovered life.  That would be disturbing):

“The world lasts for two days, one day its against you, another day its with you. The day that its against you, have patience. The day that its with you, be humble.”
Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

Thanks to Christopher Zang Starbuck for that one.

And finally, best wishes and sympathy to Dave Fegent who is spending his birthday in hospital awaiting a pacemaker.  Get better soon, Dave!

Kirk out


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