Next time on this blog…

Last night I watched a new series, WPC 56.  It was quite enjoyable, I thought, though somewhat issue-y – we had corruption, racism and of course universal sexism in the first episode – and then I failed to hit the off-switch in time to avoid the inevitable ‘Next Time’ bit.  I really hate it when they do that; showing you all the best shots and giving away the plot-lines: so that now I know next week’s theme is sexual harrassment.

In spite of all the nastiness, it had a good feel to it; more than an echo of ‘Life on Mars’ in its style and tone and a sense that in the end, she will overcome prejudice and make it in the force.

We also listened to part 3 of Neil Gaiman’s ‘Neverwhere’.  I think the ideas are great but the plot is starting to drag a little, and I think 7 episodes might be stretching it a bit.  I’m starting to lose interest in Richard Harker and his endless quest to get to London Above:

It’s officially the first day of spring today.  The weather has a nice sense of irony as it has just started snowing again: however my cough is better this morning.  And today I shall be mostly… sending off some stories.  But I’m going to leave you with my favourite cultural craze where people are quietly sitting around typing or whatever and then suddenly they all get up and freak out.  Yes, it’s the Harlem Shuffle:

The best one is about 4 mins 15 secs in.

Kirk out


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