Beware the Ice of March

Need I say more?  I shall not trouble you, gentle reader, with a description of my lungs and what they are currently bringing up; suffice it to say that the noxious cocktail of steroids and antibiotics has knocked the infection on its head and I am now recovering.  I am not, however, venturing far this weekend: sadly side-stepping the beer festival, I shall be merely hopping as far as Tomatoes, after which I shall stay In The Warm.  I am expecting a dull weekend, as I was looking forward to the beer festival and other things happening: however it does not make sense to go out in the sort of blizzard which I see whirling outside my window.

There is a deep sense of injustice in most of us, about this weather: a seething resentment and a boiling anger which will not go away.  It’s Not Fair!  It’s Not Right!  We’ve had our winter and now it should be getting warmer.  Coupled with an overriding sense of impotence, this does not make for happiness.  I am a hot-weather person: I would have preferred in many ways, to go back and live in Spain after marriage – but it wasn’t practical; and now I have to put up with this.  It sucks.

If I had the money I’d be on the next plane to Tenerife.  Just try and stop me.

Today is the anniversary of Sarah’s death.  I’ll leave you with a reminder of her – and a reminder to me also, not to Whinge.  Sarah was one of the most cheerful people I knew, and she remained so right up until she lost consciousness and died.

RIP Sarah, we miss you.

Kirk out

(But mostly in)

2 thoughts on “Beware the Ice of March

  1. Helping to run a workshop at Embrace Arts tomorrow. As it’s free no-one has paid, so paradoxically will anyone take the trouble to come? We’ll see.

    Spock out.

    1. Heard some people discussing it today so I think you may have a few punters. the weather is putting the kybosh on so many things


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