Boris Beeblebrox

Are you like me?  Yes, of course you are – and so, like me, you’ll have experienced a sort of irresistible warming on the cockles of your socks as you watched Mayor Boris Johnson over the last couple of years.  I have a theory that there is something about the post of London Mayor that renders the previously-controversial incumbent Fluffy and Loveable (people who once loathed Ken Livingstone have subsequently warmed to him in this role) – but seriously!  Who doesn’t love Boris?  He’s cuddly and bumbling – his hair is like Worzel Gummidge’s

and when he has his back to the wall he just holds up his hands, ruffles his teeth and says, ‘Oh, gosh!  I’m not sure what just happened there but – oh, crikey! – erm, yes, ha!’  Or words to that effect – and we all go ‘Aww!  Boris!’ and forgive him instantly.

But the Beeb’s recent portrayal of him showed a rather different side.

Quite apart from making me want to throw a bomb at Eton and scatter all those over-privileged gits who think they’re born to run the country, it showed Boris as a power-hungry megalomaniac who genuinely believes he was born to rule (‘President of the World’ as his sister put it). Boris claimed his sister was stirring it, which might have been true (though it doesn’t say much for their loyalties as a family) but the thought of Boris as PM does rather make the eyes water.  It’d be like having Zaphod Beeblebrox at No 10.

Still, I don’t see Boris as PM.  He’s too much of a maverick; too unstable, too unpredictable: voters want a family man – or woman – at the top, and Boris has screwed around too much (‘can’t keep it in his pants’ as one colleague put it) – he also broke a number of promises he made to people along the way.  Yes, I know that’s probably a good qualification for PM but people at least want someone to start with a clean sheet.

Don’t they?

Anyway, it’s a highly watchable documentary and I was pleased that it engaged Daniel’s interest, too.  So Boris has achieved one good thing at least, which is to engage my son in politics.

Come to think of it, Daniel as PM is an even scarier thought…

but don’t tell him I said that…

Kirk out


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