Oo, you are Awful!

If you responded to that phrase mentally with the words ‘but I like you!’ then you are of an age to remember Dick Emery.  He was, I suppose, the Paul Whitehouse of his day: he had various characters he ‘did’, one of which was a young lady who, when confronted by the inevitable compliments or suggestive comments, would respond with a coy ‘Oo, you are awful!  But I like you!’ and giving the bloke a shove in the chest on the word ‘like’ which would usually knock him over.


I’m not sure what the subtext of this was, besides the obvious: was it that underneath every seemingly coy and attractive young lady lurks a strong and assertive woman?  Or was it just reminding us that she was a man in drag?

Hmm.  I think one sign that we have finally reached gender equality will be when there is a female equivalent for being ‘in drag’ – or alternatively, when men can wear dresses without being laughed at.  I support the right of every man to wear a dress when he chooses:


There were people who said Thatcher was a man in drag: however on the day of her funeral I shall refrain from further comment – except to say that I’m very pleased Bruce Kent is coming to Leicester as going to see him will take my mind off it.

And finally… to all my friends (both my friends?) who are Tories, I would like to send this message: no matter how profoundly and passionately we may disagree, I still like you.

Which is pretty much where we came in…

Kirk out

PS  Oh, and congratulations to Daniel on a glowing report last night from practically all his teachers!


2 thoughts on “Oo, you are Awful!

  1. I remember Dick Emery. He represents a point where British humour took a turn for the worse. The idea that one could create a handful of “characters”, each of whom have one joke each, and then roll them out week after week, has lasted. Harry Hill and Amanda Hart are noteable examples of the same.

    1. I’m not keen on Harry Hill but I think Paul Whitehouse does it brilliantly


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