A Week in December

‘A Week in December’ is a 2009 Sebastian Faulks’ novel which I’ve just finished reading.  It centres on a group of people living in London just before the banking crisis.  These separate lives intersect, sometimes unknown to the characters, resulting in  love affairs, friendships, financial transactions or dinner-party encounters.  A banker sits at his computer for hours on end making deals while his neglected son smokes dope and ends up in hospital after an overdose: a female tube-train driver meets a man and falls in love; a Muslim converted to terrorism crosses Waterloo Bridge carrying bomb components; a posh family hold a dinner-party – these characters and their stories criss-cross the novel and the city affecting each others’ lives and, in some cases, the lives of millions.  The putative bomber recants and dumps his bomb equipment in the Thames, but the banker sets in motion a train of events which will precipitate a global recession.

I didn’t like the fractionated format at first; I found it distracting and alienating, but I guess that’s part of the point: life in London, as I know from my own experience, is like that.  i also skipped whole screeds about the banker’s financial dealings because I struggled to understand them – and what I did understand made my hackles rise uncomfortably.  I liked it better towards the end of the novel when connections were made and the characters’ lives came together.

Men Who Love Dragons Too Much?

St George’s Day today, as if you didn’t know.  St George represents the weirder end of Christian mythology and I’m really not sure what to make of the story, except that I dislike most of what is said and done in his name.  Mark has a video with an unusual angle on St George.  It’s not up yet but I’ll post a link when it is.

The poem for water is starting to come together.  I think it’s important that it should have a chorus, otherwise people may drift and not listen.  it’s going to be hard to get the whole of Bede Island Park to listen to a poem – but I’m gonna try!


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