Left Right! Left Unity is Off and Running…

An excellent meeting last night of Leicester Left Unity, a group which was set up in response to Ken Loach’s film ‘Spirit of ’45’.


I haven’t seen the film, but I gather it is a focus for people who feel that the collective spirit that was around after the war has now been lost, sold, broken up or made redundant, and who want to find a way back – as well as a way forward.  For me it was a very encouraging meeting for several reasons: firstly, because nobody there seemed to have any particular axe to grind apart from presenting a proper opposition to the current regime: nobody thinks Milliband et al are a credible opposition and there is a general consensus that Blair was Thatcher’s heir rather than the representative of the Left.  Secondly, though everyone had something to say, everyone was also willing to listen – and thirdly, there seemed to be a general awareness that above all we must not repeat the former mistakes of the Left, which were to allow ourselves to fragment into splinter-groups who seemed to hate each other more than they hated the Thatcher regime.  I came home feeling empowered and encouraged and feeling that, above all it is good to be doing something rather than feeling powerless.

So far so good – and I have been chosen to go with Sheila to a London meeting on May 11th.


I’ll keep you posted.  Meanwhile if you want to register an interest you can join the group on Facebook or else comment here and I’ll put you in touch.  Meanwhile, to save my blushes, the US right-wing libertarian mag I sent things to has summarily rejected them.  So I say ‘phew,’ and ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ – in that order!

Today I shall be mostly… checking out more places to send stuff.

Kirk out


3 thoughts on “Left Right! Left Unity is Off and Running…

  1. Good luck! Too old in tooth for this myself – joined the SDP when it started – admired Roy Jenkins. Sad the way things dissipate, not wanting to put you off or anything…

    Spock out

    1. I’m only too aware of how things can dissipate – but they can also lead to great things. If you never start anything then nothing can ever be achieved and we can at least try.


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