Sing, You Lucky People!

Yes, you are really privileged today to be the first to read my new poem ‘How Come?’ which I have written for ‘Sing for Water’

This will take place on June 2nd, Bede Island Park, Leicester and as part of the event I will be performing the poem.  I am raising funds too so if you would like to sponsor me please comment below.

Here’s the poem:

How Come?


How come?

(How come?)

When the rain falls

How come?

(How come?)

When the river flows

How come?

(How come?)

Our earth is dry

How come?

(How come?)

Our hands are empty.

1.  From the Great Central Way

where the trains once ran

to the old canal

where the bridges span

from the new Co-op

to the great big slide

the cry goes up

from every side:


2.  From the African farms

where the crops are dying

to the Indian homes

where the wells are drying

and the child who is sick

from the dirty river

the cry goes out

as our voices quiver:


3.  O the desert runs fast

till it swallows your home

and the rains don’t last

even when they come

our skin is like leather

and our throats are dry

still from every heart

we hear the cry:


4.  Verse in Hindi:

meri achi tarah se sukha hai

aur pani naheen hai

mere phasalo mar cuke hai

mera bacha bimar hai *


5.  Now the farmer weeps

as the crops are dead

and the mother cries

as the children aren’t fed

and the earth is cracked

and our soil is sand

still the cry goes out

from every land:


6.  When you’re down on your knees

no hope in sight

cos the man says that water’s

not a human right

then you’ve only gotta

do one thing

and that’s sing for water

everybody sing!

(Chorus x 2)

So please comment below especially if you would like to sponsor me – and come along on the day!

Kirk out

*  Translation:
my well is dry
there is no water
my crops are dead
my child is sick