And of course, thank you in your sweat!

…yes, that was today’s top spam comment, which I assume translated into English means ‘thanks for all the hard work.’  Or possibly ‘so long and thanks for all the fish’. I don’t know – do dolphins post comments on blogs?

Anyway, moving on… a great evening once again at Yesim’s.  That place is magic and I’m convinced that a large part of its magic lies in the person of Hayri.  Hayri is an incredibly generous person: most cafe proprietors on hosting such an evening would be concerned about how much profit they could make out of us, whereas Hayri is constantly giving us cakes and biscuits and all manner of goodies.  He is a lovely man so if you’re in the Narborough Rd area go and visit Yesim’s:

In other good news, Sheila has found a probable – and also free!!! – venue for Leicester Left Unity meetings: Duffy’s bar on Pocklington’s Walk.  We’ll be meeting there on Fri from 6 – 8 pm so come along:

And while we’re on the subject of politics, my favourite current political drama, The Politician’s Husband, came to a rather abrupt end last week.  I thought it would span more episodes than just three, and now it’s finished I’m not quite sure what to make of it.  I suspect that like many politicians themselves, it says one thing and does another: whilst paying lip-service to the woman who is in power whilst her husband is out of office, it actually shows him going to pieces, unable to control himself and fuelled by bitterness.  Their marriage eventually seems to fall apart but at the end it shows them both in cabinet with her as the PM.

Still, it’s highly watchable and with great performances, so watch while it’s still on i-player.

Got to rush now as I have a philosophy class to get to.  Going to attempt to meet with the librarian again later – wish me luck!

Kirk out