Royal Jelly

No post this morning because I was up at flaaaggh! o’clock to go with Holly to the Royal.  Yes, the dreaded day had arrived when she was to go into hospital for the removal of some troublesome back teeth: having previously exited the dentist at a run and refused to go back she now had to have it done under general anaesthetic.  So we arrived on the ward promptly at 7.30 as requested and were seen promptly at 10.00 am.  No, to be fair it wasn’t bad; there was a bit of waiting around but she was second on the list for theatre and only needed time to recover afterwards before being allowed to leave, so that we were back home by early afternoon.  And because we hear so much negative stuff about the NHS I would like to say this: the staff could not have been better.  They were efficient and professional but also compassionate and understanding and took a lot of time to answer her questions and reassure her about the process.  She is now home and eating ice-cream (and possibly also jelly) whilst watching ‘Have I Got News for You’ which this time features John Cooper Clarke:

And that was today.

Oh, and yesterday I did finally meet the librarian.  She was perfectly nice and we arranged a date for my workshop.  She was quite supportive and offered to host a poetry performance session for free as well.  So that was good.

Kirk out