The Long Good-Evening: a life on i-player

Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood-morning-good-morning-good-morning-good-morning-good-morning-good-morning!  And yes!  it’s Stephen Fry here welcoming you to another edition of Lizardyoga’s Weblog!!!

And if you’re guessing that I watched QI last night, you’d be right!  In fact it was wall-to-wall quiz shows on an evening where both brain and body were semi-dormant: I had planned to go to a writing seminar at the University but alas! fatigue swept over me like a tsunami and soon an army of brain cells were laying down their arms and refusing to budge.  The sofa practically leapt up and grabbed me and, like the couch in ‘Black Books’, swallowed me whole.  (I’m sure it was in this episode but I can’t find it – still, watch it anyway as it’s good:)

I also viewed Celebrity Mastermind.  I don’t like Celebrity Mastermind as much as regular Mastermind because apart from the so-called Celebs – who I’ve never heard of – being relaxed to the point of cocky, the questions seem so much easier.  Why?  Are celebrities really so much less intelligent than the rest of us?  Mastermind – proper Mastermind – is one of the few programmes which still features odd-looking people and treats them seriously; in other words, it values intelligence over looks.  So I think we can do without Celebrity versions of this, thank you very much.

And then interestingly – very interestingly – QI turned out to be on the subject of Intelligence!  Yes, they’re working their way through the alphabet – or at least, using letters of the alphabet – to choose different subjects:

Actually I can’t find that one now but here’s one on happiness:

Alan Davies is an odd bloke; he’s likeable and seems to succeed in being funny through not being funny.  I can’t quite put my finger on the secret of his success, but he reminds me a little of another Alan I used to know.  This Alan also did magic (Alan Davies played a magician in Jonathan Creek) and told a few jokes as well.

In philosophy we did Locke and finished Hobbes, and I then cycled to the Ale Wagon to put up a poster for Drink and Think, only to discover that they are closed next Monday!  This is a bit of a bummer as we now have to find an alternative venue.

And finally, here’s today’s top spam comment:

Place just one particular heaping tablespoon connected with batter in each pan for each muffin.

An empathetic or sometimes curious child are going to lead of featuring questions.

I particularly like the ‘heaping tablespoon connected with batter’….

Kirk out