Do YOU Know Where Your Towel Is?

Yes, folks – today is towel day: the day on which we remember Douglas Adams:

It’s the day when we remember the man who brought us the Total Perspective Vortex, the Babel Fish and the Paranoid Android; the day when we honour the man who wrote the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the spinner of concepts, the maker of extraordinary jokes, the complete one-off who is, was and ever will be – Douglas Adams:

He is in some sense the victim of his own success: so many of his concepts have entered the language (the special nature of the number 42; the phrases ‘carbon-based life-form’, ‘a small unregarded blue-green planet at the unfashionable end of the outer spiral arm of the galaxy – and of course, ‘grimbister’, meaning ‘a group of cars all travelling at the same speed because one of them is a police car’).   The other great thing about the series now known as H2G2 was, of course, that it was written for radio.  As they always say, the pictures are better on radio – and subsequent TV and film adaptations have not come close to the original.  Alan Rickman is a great actor but I just don’t buy him as Marvin.

Last night was pretty hoopy and frood as well: lots of national and international women (and men) came together at the Ale Wagon to celebrate International Women’s Day for Disarmament (they also gathered at the Thales factory on Scudamore Rd to protest about Drones, but I skipped that one.

It was cold! and frankly, I feel I’ve done my share of sitting in all weathers outside Greenham Common and Molesworth.)  Last night was in the warm and dry upper room of the Ale Wagon where there was music, song, food – and of course, poetry! provided by me and others.  And here, on Mark’s channel, is a video of me performing:

The sound isn’t great, but check back in a few days because he’s going to upload more.

And finally…

Bury in Haste, Excavate at Leisure

Yes, the latest discovery to roll out from the Richard III excavation is that the body was buried in great haste.  Not a huge surprise, I guess, given the circumstance, but interesting nonetheless.

And that was Friday.

Kirk out

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