Almost there!

Keep watching – it’s coming very soon.  Lizardyoga’s Weblog is going interactive!  I shall be asking for your contributions, and the all-new blog will be reorganised as follows:

Mondays will be a day of poetry – mine and other people’s; reading and writing

On Tuesdays we will be prosaic, talking of short stories and novels – again, mine and other people’s

Wednesdays will see a political turn, discussing the issues of the day

On Thursdays we will experience life on the i-player, whereas on Fridays I shall be reviewing any books I have read – and asking for your reviews.

Saturday takes a more social turn with news and anecdotes from friends and family (this means you) – and we shall end the week on Sunday with some philosophical thoughts and ideas.

And there’s room for you!  Readers are invited to send in thoughts and contributions on any of these subjects – or perhaps a poem or prose piece they have written.  Poems should be up to 50 lines and prose pieces no more than 1000 words – so get writing!

I shall look forward to hearing from you.  You can email contributions to or post them as a comment below.

Happy writing and happy reading

Kirk out


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