My Significant Others

We have arrived at Saturday in our first week of the new-look blog; and on Saturdays the theme is Friends and Family.  The second week in June has for the last twenty years contained both my birthday and our wedding anniversary: and for our 20th, our china anniversary, Mark bought me a vase.  As I unwrapped it he said, ‘I’m not sure what I think about the design.’

I held it up.  It was urn-shaped, with handles, turquoise on the inside and with pink flowers on the outside.  Reader, it was hideous.

‘It’s only symbolic,’ he said.

‘Oh, thank god,’ I though.  As a symbol it does very well and I guess I could try to get hold of some trailing flowers which should cover up most of the pattern.

In the evening, having received some money from a relative, we visited Pizza Express and had a really special meal; not grand or exuberant but special in that the place has a history for us and, though not lavish, it’s somewhere you can linger for a while and enjoy your food and drink.  Which we did – so that was our anniversary and today, on my birthday, we shall go to Tomatoes and have strawberries later (strawberries are traditional on my birthday) and if we have sufficient funds we may go out for another meal.


3 thoughts on “My Significant Others

  1. Many Happy Returns! Today is a very special anniversary for my wife and I: it is exactly 50 years since we moved into our house in Groby and it was a Saturday as well! A neighbour across the road moved in on exactly the same day so we’re taking her out for lunch. It seems like only yesterday of course, so once again one ponders, rather nervously, about the true nature of time.

    1. Wow! 50 years! Hope you’ve finished the decorating by now… and yes, it should be ‘my wife and me’

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